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Sweat sauna Belt

Sweat sauna Belt

This Blue Latex  Sweat Sauna Belt Waist Trainer for Work Out fits tightly to the body, the compression can achieve shaping effect.

It Features:

1. High-elastic technology Blue PU coating lining: gather and increase body temperature during activities, stimulate sweating, create a hot sauna-like experience, all help to reduce moisture, detoxify and clean pores;

2. Anti-slip glue: prevent rolling and sliding during training;

3. Elastic elastic band: skin-friendly and highly elastic elastic band with a large adjustable range;

4. Lightweight and comfortable: The lightweight material is flexible and comfortable, and can be worn for a long time;

5. Purpose: It is suitable for assisting in maintaining health and losing weight activities, such as running, boxing, yoga, dancing, fitness, cycling, jogging.

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